Great News – We Just Saved A Bunch Of Money On Our Car Insurance

Ok, not on the car insurance, but I’ve always wanted to use that as a title. And in the future, whenever I say that we don’t have much to do, someone please remind me that tempting karma and fate and whatever else out there controls this sort of cosmic course of the universe is never a good idea. I’m not going to say that we’re “busy”, but we are definitely above “nothing” on the to-do meter.

I started thinking of all the addresses that need to be changed I think that this hassle alone will keep us in the same house for a while. Some of the addresses can be changed using appropriate websites, but others require a phone call. Some, like our electricity and cable/internet services, need to have switching dates scheduled.

While I was looking at the internet provider’s site to get the number to call for transferring service, I noticed that they had a special deal for new subscribers. I am not a new subscriber, but Rhiannon could be. She has never had service with the company and we would even have a new address to hook up. I’ve thought of this in the past but never wanted to go through the hassle of stopping service and starting it again in her name.

I figured if nothing else, I could cancel our service in the apartment and start it in the house without too much hassle. When I called the company, I mentioned that I had seen the new customer special.

Me: “Is there any way I can reduce my price down to that new customer deal, since I am such a great and wonderful customer who pays his bill on time every month?” [expecting to be told no and ready to set up cancellation]

Customer Service Rep: “Let me see what I can do.”

Me: [hopeful]

CSR: “Sorry this is taking so long.”

Me: [either he can or can’t, what is the hold up] “No hurry at all.”

CSR: “Yes, we can extend the new customer rate to you for the three months that you would get if you just signed up.”

Me: [let’s be greedy] “I was looking at a DSL service that has almost the same price for a full year. Can you match that?” [even though we don’t have the phone line that it requires or any desire to switch to a slower DSL line.]

CSR: “Let me check.”

Me: [hey, this was good last time] CSR: “I can offer the introductory price for 6 months, just for you because you are such a wonderful customer who always pays his bills on time and really an outstanding all-around guy.”

Me: “Can I get a free service transfer as well.”

CSR: “Now you’re just being greedy. Don’t push it.”

So there you have it. A bargaining master. You can really tell that guy new he was out matched from the start. Or he just really didn’t care all that much. I’ll take it either way.