Our Relaxing Weekend Off?

Perhaps you remember last week, when I said we are getting ever closer to closing on our first house? And the part when I said we didn’t have much to left to do? I was wrong. Or so Rhiannon would have me believe.

When we met with the seller at the house, we had commented on how we really liked her taste in furniture and décor and how the stores we had been browsing just didn’t seem to have a lot of selection that we were really interested in. She agreed that the stores we were looking at weren’t that great and gave us a few suggestions that she shops at. We looked up the websites for the stores she mentioned and found that we liked the styles we were seeing. So we went to “browse” – just to get ideas for the future.

If Rhiannon had her way, the future would be next month. (I like the stuff too, I might just not be in as big of a hurry to get it.)

So what else do two people who don’t have a lot to do to move in less than a month do over a weekend? They start organizing to prepare for the move. Because, really, if a husband says he doesn’t think he has anything to do, his wife will find something.*

We live in a two-bedroom apartment; we use one of the bedrooms as an office area and the closet for storage. We do not clean this room – this means that, while we intend to clean this room, it is last on the priority list and normally we don’t get around to after doing the other things we need to get done. How perfect – we didn’t have much else to do…

The majority of the contents of the closet and stuff that had accumulated on the floor in the middle of the room is now stacked neatly in one corner of the room, patiently waiting to be transported to a different house where it can continue to occupy space.

Next weekend we attack our clothes closet and bookshelves and begin packing those items. I think in the future, when I think we don’t have much to do, I’m going to keep it to myself.

*Rhiannon – this is all in fun, please don’t find more stuff for me to do.