A Night To Remember

Last weekend I had to the opportunity to be a part of one of my good college friend's wedding. Steve belongs to the Greek Orthodox Church (his family is Greek) but his wife didn't, so they were married in a non-denominational ceremony. There were no such reservations at the reception. This is what happens when the uncle from the east coast gets a rental van from California and doesn't really care what happens to it while he has it. Notice how high the real wheel well is above the wheel. The other side is equally as low.

If you've never had the opportunity to attend a wedding reception with traditional Greek festivities, I highly suggest you make friends with someone with that family background (for the wedding part, it would probably help if they were single).

Aside from some good food, the main difference at the reception was the group dancing. Think of country line dancing, only it’s steps you do while holding hands with the people on either side of you. One person is the leader and leads the group in counterclockwise circle. Since you are in a circle, there is no hiding in the back of the group but no one really cares if you know the steps or not.

We didn’t always get up and join in and it was just as entertaining to sit back and watch some of the events. Through the course of the night the Steve’s father danced with a glass of water on his head, held in his mouth and around the glass of water on the floor.

The best man (Steve’s brother) is also very into some of the traditional dancing. Imagine doing a front handspring, only instead of coming around back to your feet, instead you hook you knees over someone else’s shoulders and use your momentum to carry you up so you are sitting on their shoulders like a small child will do with his parents. I witnessed this.

The best move we witnessed the entire evening was my Steve’s father running full speed at him, jumping in the air and wrapping his legs around Steve’s torso. Then he let go and leaned back with only his legs wrapped around Steve. Think Kate Winslet in Titantic doing the “I’m on top of the world!” pose, only upside down and hanging from his son’s chest.

And when that gets to be just a little too much for everyone, the wedding party manages to slip out the front door for a little fresh air. Or something like that.

Cheers to you Stevie.