Super-Duper Deluxe On Hold

Rhiannon and I are 4 weeks away from having possession of our first house, and really, we don’t have much left to do. We had been planning on shopping for a washer/dryer set and were looking at the fancy-schmancy front-loading, water-saving, supper-making type model. I hear with the optional upgrades, it even makes coffee in the morning and tucks you in at night. And then I ran how our finances will look after a down payment, and we thought maybe we could make our own coffee in the morning, thank-you very much.

The sellers of the house told their real estate agent who told our real estate agent who told us that they would be willing to sell the washer and dryer in their house, as well as a few other things that we could offer on if we wanted them. So we told our real estate agent who told their real estate agent who told them what time would work for us to look at the items again and word got back to us that that time would work and we headed on over.

We found out that the sellers are actually downsizing and moving into a condo, so for them to be able to leave some of the stuff in the house and not have to sell/move it themselves helps them out, so we made a few offers and ended up with a washer/dryer set, a patio set, a table, some chairs, and a few speakers for less than the fancy-schmancy washer would have cost us. And no, none of these items makes coffee in the morning either, but I figure we already have a coffee machine and really, I think the coffee maker was feeling a little encroached upon by the prospect of a washing machine taking it’s place so rest easy little buddy – your spot on the counter top is safe.

For a few years anyway.