Getting Our Moneys Worth

This whole house-owning thing isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Over the past few days as we gear up for a big house-hunting weekend we’ve been discussing things we want to put in a house once we go to the trouble of getting one. And up until now, it’s been big items like a washer/dryer set, any large kitchen appliances needed, a bedroom set, a lawn mower, and a fallout shelter in the back yard.

Ok, I’m kidding. The fallout shelter will have to be accessible from the basement, because if there is a nuclear attack, no way am I or any member of my family is stepping foot outside to get to some shelter.

Today I’ve been thinking of some smaller things that we might eventually need.

Things like a ladder and some simple garden tools so I can tend the rooftop garden. And then additional rugs so I don’t track dirt from the rooftop garden all over the place. I hear plastic sheeting is affordable and very resistant to staining. Maybe we’ll look into that.

And it finally dawned on me that we need more stuff in general. Our original plan was to go through everything and get rid of or sell anything we don’t need or use anymore. If my thinking is correct that a house will have more storage available than the apartment we’re in, we won’t have near enough stuff to fill it. We should probably keep everything we have and start getting more stuff to go into storage and not be used. Really, if we’re going to pay for that space, we’re going to use it.

Maybe I can even use the ladder to get to those hard to reach spaces back in the corners.