The office I work in was a touch on the quite side today (except for SprinterGuy). Everyone one took the whole Easter Friday thing to heart and decided to stay away or leave early. I attribute this to the fact this has been the week from hell for four days. There is a guy in our office who is in charge of all official documents, and with the way our project goes, this really doesn’t involve a whole lot of work. You can usually find him arriving 15 minutes late and leaving 15 minutes early – except when we get a package ready to submit to a client. Then he gets to scan and file all official paper work, which probably amounts to several medium sized trees, depending on the efficiency of the paper-making process.

I’ve learned engineers are notorious for meeting deadlines as close to the deadline as possible, which doesn’t leave the person in charge of the paperwork a lot of time to collect the signatures he need – thus the creation of SprinterGuy.


He was sprinting down the hallways from office to office at various times this morning, posing a threat to anyone who didn’t look both ways before merging into the building walkways.

And SprinterGuy isn’t my creation. One of the other engineers on the floor came up with that and it stuck. With everybody.

I think he has a fan club.

We need a weekend in a bad way around here.