The Gauntlet Has Been Thrown Down

Our buyer’s agent we working with just got back from her vacation to Italy (I think I may be in the wrong line of work) and called me this morning to discuss how we want to proceed with the house hunting. I told her that we’re pretty ready to get going and that we would be willing to do some nights on the weekdays as well as looking on the weekends if it would help us see more homes and speed the process along.

She’s on board with an all out attack of this and gave us several times during the week we could look as well as an entire weekend. I think we’re really going to enjoy working with her.

Seeing as how it’s impolite to ask a lady’s age, I don’t know for sure, but she told us she’s been selling homes in the area for 17 years and has experience in a few other places, so… you do the math on that one. As much as I complain about how old we are getting, Rhiannon and I are still just in our mid-20’s (ok… this seems old to me, sorry Dad) and I think we have a few energy reserves to tap if needed. Even though she’s ready to work during the week with us, our agent also told me that we can get a lot done in a weekend starting a day at 10 am “as long as [we] don’t tire out!”

I hope whoever is trying sell their house in the next few weeks doesn’t mind us stopping by at midnight to have a tour, because I will certainly not be the one asking to call it a day.