April Fooling Herself

For those of you who didn’t think of it over last weekend, it was April 1st, or April Fools Day. This year, April 1st happened to be on a Saturday, which probably lessened the public awareness of it. No morning talk shows advertised getting your tires filled with helium to increase gas mileage and I didn’t see any shocking internet news stories that came out as false on the second. I did, however, encounter a prankster in my own home in the form of Rhiannon. She had taken our bathroom scale to school for use in a project – the same bathroom scale I like to use in the morning to weigh in with. Friday evening she told me she had forgot it at school and I would just have to wait until Tuesday to get the scale back. Unbeknownst to me, she had the scale and woke up in the middle of the night and put it in its normal spot in the bathroom.

I was supposed to see the scale and wonder how it got there when I knew it was in school. Getting up on Saturday, working out and showering afterwards – I thought about weighing in but remembered that we didn’t have the scale at home. If it had been somewhere tucked away or behind other items, it would make sense if I didn’t notice.

We leave the scale right out on the floor at all times. It’s in plain sight. There is no way I could not have seen it. If I thought about weighing myself (which I did), I probably looked at the spot on the floor where the scale should have been (it was there). Behold the power of my mind – I knew the scale wasn’t there, and so even when it was, it wasn’t. Creepy.

I was a little confused why Rhiannon kept following me whenever I would walk by the bathroom – she was just waiting to see my reaction when I saw the scale and to yell April Fools. And finally she just gave up and asked me why I hadn’t said anything about it.

And I went and looked and sure enough – the scale was in the bathroom, right where it was supposed to be. If I had been quick, I would’ve reversed it and April Fooled her instead, but I didn’t realize what day it was and was really just a little confused as to how I missed it that many times.

Later in the day, Rhiannon asked me to remind her to call home and wish her dad happy birthday. In the afternoon, we talked about the schedule of a track meet (which is where he was) and in the back of my mind I knew she should call, but I never said anything.

Around 11:50 that night, after our movie finished and we were getting ready for bed, I asked her if she ever called home. By the way her face fell, she hadn’t. I told her there was still 10 minutes left in the day; she could still call. (Note to self: keep witty late night suggestions to myself from now on.)

She called home on Sunday, feeling bad that she forgot her dad’s birthday – he wasn’t home but her mom was. They chatted for a little while, and then she asked when Dad would be back so she could tell him happy birthday a day late.

April 1st isn’t his birthday. It’s March 1st. And she called him a month ago too.

April Fools indeed.