Project HouseHunt 2006

This past weekend Rhiannon and I went looking at a new homes development near our apartment. They had several model homes that spanned our proposed price range and we thought it would be good to see what was selling new in that range to have comparisons as we shopped used homes. (Does anyone else think the term “used homes” doesn’t fit quite right? A house will hopefully appreciate in value as you own it. It isn’t like there are second-hand home stores with donated houses or a Used-Home Dealership with an oily looking salesman trying to tell you for only 65,000 steps taken in it, this house is a bargain.)

We’re both in favor of a little more modern architecture. We like high vaulted ceilings and the double story entryways. We’d like a large kitchen and a good sized master suite. We’d like a lot of specific things, but – used home shopping. It will take a little looking to see what is actually available.

As we were walking through the model homes, we tried to picture how our own possessions would fit into each of these spaces. And then we realized that taking everything from our three-room apartment wasn’t enough to fill even some of the smaller homes, so we started making up rooms.

Things like the crafts/scrapbooking room and the new-age modern music studio began to appear. Very often, this was directly attributed to having two living rooms on the main floor. We don’t have two sets of couches or chair right now. Another set of couches is not high on the priority list. Voila – new age music space.

Also not high on the list – a third bed to fill another bedroom. One guestroom will be enough for us for now, which leads to a scrapbooking room. Or a painting studio. Or a meditation/feng shui suite. Who knows? We’re multi-faceted like that.

We also have realized that we have specific tastes in décor – luckily we’re both in agreement on the vast majority of these decisions. We don’t like wood with a pronounced grain pattern. We don’t like couches that look better than they feel. We don’t like barbwire decorations or cowboy themed rooms or purple stripes on walls or even the fake cereal bowls with cereal and milk on the breakfast nook table.

Well, at least we agree on what we don’t like.

One thing is for sure – we have a lot of looking left to do.