Enough With The Talking, More With The Looking

Rhiannon and I met with another mortgage lender yesterday and found out that we are very well educated on loan products and information for first time homebuyers. Apparently the lenders expect us to know absolutely nothing about a purchase that will plunge us very deep into debt and are rather surprised when we know everything they are telling us. Welcome to the younger generation and the power of the internet. Apparently we are ok in the credit category - people will give us more money than we think we can afford. Is it any wonder people get farther into debt and forclose on things so often? Does anyone ever think that maybe just because someone will give you that much money doesn't mean you have to take it all?

To this extent (and the fact that really, what good is the loan if there is nothing to spend it on?), we are getting excited about looking at houses this spring instead of talking about our price range. Except the ones above our price range – those seems to be really nice houses.

We can dream, can’t we?