Momma Always Said Complain Loud Enough And People Just Want To Shut You Up

Remember a couple weeks ago when I mentioned Rhiannon got a box of Vanilla Almond Special K sans Almonds? Well, I took that box and UPC code and complained to Kellogg's. It was a form on a website instead of an email, so I don't have exactly what I wrote, but it went a little something like this:

Dear Kellogg's:

blah blah blah

said almonds... no almonds...

blah blah blah

...shocked and appalled... demand restitution.

Thank you.

Only slightly less blah and a little more polite. (Unlike this site, which is a little more blah, only with words doing the blahing.)

Last night I had the following email in my inbox:


Thank you for contacting us about Kellogg's® Special K® Vanilla Almond cereal. We are sorry that your experience with this product was unsatisfactory.

Our goal is to provide consumers with wholesome, high quality products. We have established strict control measures for each part of the manufacturing process from the delivery of ingredients to the distribution of finished packages.

We value the comments you have shared with us, and we will pass them along to our Quality Assurance Department. The information that you provided will help ensure that our products and services continue to meet the highest quality standards.

As a consumer, you can be assured that we would never do anything to compromise the trust you have placed in us to provide healthful, nutritious, and safe food. We will be sending you coupons by US Postal Mail to replace the unsatisfactory product. Thank you again for contacting us.


Brenda Sugatan Consumer Affairs Department

I'm happy with the outcome, but maybe I should have been a little more specific on what the restitution should have been. A few hundred dollars would have smoothed things over just as well as a free box of cereal.