My Little Housewife

Rhiannon gets the chance to be a bum housewife this week as she is on spring break from the cretins students at school. And apparently she is planning on using her time to scrapbook. I’ve never really understood the passion that some people have for scrapbooking or the amount of products and supplies there are now. To me, scrapbooking is a few short steps:

1) Buy a book 2) Put pictures in book 3) Write appropriate captions

This should be all that is needed. Everything else is bells, whistles, and frills. And money. And scrapbooking clubs. And new cool paper and stickers and things that dangle and the latest craze of having 8 x 8 inch paper rather than 12 x 12 because really, not every subject has enough to fill a whole 12 x 12 inch page without using all of your expensive supplies.

Personally, I like a photo album. Maybe even an online photo album.

(What a transition!!)

I’m planning on getting our photo album up on this site very soon. I’ve been planning on doing that very soon for 2 weeks. I’ll probably have it done by June – stay tuned.