There Is Hope For Us After All

Last night was Tuesday. Rhiannon and I went out – kind of. In fact, we were out after 9 pm. This qualifies as a large event in our lives. (To give you some perspective – on Monday, we started a crossword puzzle after 9 and thought that was living.) The real estate agent we’re working with invited us to come to a “How to Choose Paint Colors for Your Home” presentation last night. Considering we don’t have a home, don’t have an offer for a home, and haven’t even looked at a single house yet, I thought it would be good to go.

We got a little information out of it. Mostly how to describe what we already knew – tone, intensity, undertone, why the lady who tried to match the walls to the same color as her couches doesn’t have a clue. Common sense stuff like that. You paid good money for your furniture. If you paint the walls the same color, it looks like you’re sitting on the wall. And avocado green will not come back. Not ever. Thank the stars above.

Undertone – the reason the paint that looked yellow in the store looks green on your walls (often caused by the college student who mixed your paint being hung-over on a Saturday morning and not really caring)

There were some neat examples and couple of ideas that we will probably use when we get to the point where we actually choose some colors for our own house in the future.

And on the way home we ran a few errands:

We stopped at a craft store to pick up green tissue paper (it’s almost St. Patrick’s Day!! Do you know what arts ‘n crafts project you are working on yet? Rhiannon does.) And because we don’t support muggers and don’t carry cash, I paid the $3.42 bill with a credit card. Craft stores need to get with the program like fast food joints and store requiring signatures under a certain amount.

Our receipt printed, the cutter went across, and it started printing the signature portion of the receipt… and ran out of paper.

Cashier: “But there were no green lines! I’m always so cautious about that. I didn’t see any green lines. I didn’t know it was low.”

I don’t really care about the green lines; I just wanted my pack of green tissue paper and to leave. Thankfully, one of the most intelligent store managers I’ve seen came over – she looked at the half printed signature sheet, looked at me, looked at the receipt and our pack of tissue paper, wrote the total and a line with an X on it and handed the pen back to me. I signed. Problem solved. I think the cashier was still stunned she didn’t see green lines.

By this time, it was close to 9 pm, so Rhiannon and I are excused from any mental lapses we may have had. Like intending to buy a birthday card at the grocery store and forgetting. But knowing we were forgetting something and discussing what could we possibly need as we bought a birthday cake for the same birthday we needed that card for. We didn’t remember the card until we were home.

We are officially crazy party animals.