Time To Start Moving On

The semi-official house search begins tomorrow. Rhiannon and I are planning to meet with a realtor. (Looking at the word realtor, I realize it should be real’tor, a contraction of REAL alligaTOR. This is why we will only agree to meet on land.) We met her last weekend when we walked through an open house that was way out our price range. I think looking at the two of us, it was readily apparent this house was a little above us – this also led to a nice no-pressure conversation of what our situation is and what type of residence we want. Rhiannon and I felt comfortable talking to her, so when she offered a no-obligation chance to sit down and talk about a few things for a while, we decided to take her up on it.

As I’ve mentioned, we’re tired of living in an apartment and sharing walls and parking lots with other people. There’s just that little question of a down payment. I’ve read that the down payment was always the hardest thing for people to come up with, especially as first-time homebuyers. We’re realizing all those articles aren’t kidding.

It’s depressing when you think you’ve done a great job saving money and then you realize you might have enough for a small down payment and closing costs without completely cleaning out the bank.

At least we don’t live in a big city on either of the coasts. Our down payment would be just enough to get a nice closet with no view.