I Love Computers… Really, I Do

For those of you out there who actually try and read this site on a regular basis, you may have noticed a little downtime over the pass few weeks. I’m frustrated right along with you. From my video card going out to my ISP changing my service and IP address to my local router reassigning my local IPs… suffice it to say it hasn’t been the best situation all around and I apologize for the interruptions.

I’m considering actually forking over my own hard earned money and paying someone else to host this site. This would have a couple benefits for the poeple who view the site:

1) If the power goes out in the apartment, the website does not dissapear. This is my worry when I’m away for a few days and can’t physically start the computer again if something happens. 2) The host I’m looking at provides what seems like a decent image display package - Rhiannon and I try to take quite a few pictures, so hopefully I would have a better system than I do now to allow you to look at some of them. (My current system is I put them on my local computer and think, “Gee, I should put some of these on our site so people can look at them.” I admit, it isn’t the best system.) 3) When I get up in the morning and realize that something has gone wrong with my computer (which outside of these recent problems has run 24/7 for about a year now), I won’t spend all day at work trying to think of what I can do and I can even update the site from Rhiannon’s computer. 4) If I ever do experience another hard drive crash, I won’t lose everything. (This is probably my biggest reason for considering hosting service. Of course I would like to set up my computer with a dual-hard drive backup, but chances of that aren’t the greatest.) 5) Finally, I’ve learned a lot about how the software I use works and I would like to rebuild and incorporate some changes. This would be a weekend project, but ultimately doable with proper motivation.

If I do this in the near future, I’ll let you know and do my best to make the switch as seemless as possible.

Thanks for reading, and remember to floss daily. (I do.) -Chris