Sign Of The Times

A sign that I: 1)Am getting older and losing my mind (I hope not) 2)Need to get more sleep some nights (doesn’t everyone?) -or- 3)Need to turn on a few more lights in the morning

I have a pretty good routine down in the morning. It involves showering, getting dressed, grabbing my lunch and leaving. In there I make sure my belt will match the shoes I plan to wear and I grab a coat if necessary.

Yesterday, as I hit the sidewalk on the way to the car, I happened to glance down. Black pants: Check. Black belt: Check. Black Shoes: Strangely replaced by very brown looking shoes. Not a good looking combination at all.

As I was back inside changing shoes, I remember very clearly looking at the black ones while putting the other pair on. I just never realized that the shoes I saw laying across the room were not physically in my hands. (This rules out #3 above.)

I’m going to try a little more sleep once in a while, because I’m a little to young to be getting old. (Rhiannon may respectfully disagree with this statement - see here.)