And On The Seventh Day, God Rested – And Probably Ate Some Leftovers

Neither Rhiannon nor I have cooked anything resembling a meal since last Saturday. (going on 5 days). (Rhiannon, if you’re reading this, we’re having leftovers again tonight. I’m feeling lazy.)

And I personally haven’t cooked a thing since last… I don’t really know the last time I cooked anything. Leftovers, I think I love you. Between large batches of spaghetti, enchiladas, and chili (all of which Rhiannon made) we have been reheating and eating foods again and again.

Reasons I like leftovers:

1) The work is already done.

2) If I’m eating the food again, it was good the first time – there is no mystery waiting to see if it turns out ok.

3) The amount of food shopping and realizing you don’t have the proper ingredients is drastically reduced.

4) The amount of though put into deciding what to have is drastically reduced.

5) It makes the microwave feel loved and appreciated.

6) The dishwasher gets a bit of a break.

7) I have more time to cuddle (defrost) with Rhiannon.

8) There is a little excitement in daring to eat foods that may have had time to go bad.

9) My enthusiasm for cooking is recharged.

10) After they’re gone, the old standby suppers I’m enthused to make are suddenly new and exciting. (This then earns me bonus points with Rhiannon. Bonus points are never a bad thing.)

So, kind of a dull Top 10 List. I never said leftovers were exciting or funny. They’re just good.