Whole Foods Is Like Organic Crack For Hippies

Maybe you’ve heard of the new diets promoting non-hydrogenated oils, essential fatty acids, low trans fat, and lower glycemically-indexed carbohydrates. Don’t feel bad. I don’t really know what any of it means either. (I was always told that if you can’t pronounce the ingredients, don’t eat the food.) I thought it was all a bunch of nonsense and couldn’t really care less if my food was organic or free range. Until yesterday.

There is a Whole Foods that was just build near us, and since grocery stores around here don’t seem to carry foods we want (Crème de Menthe, wild rice, frozen raspberries in syrup) we thought we’d check it out. Specifically, we were going for the wild rice.

First, we were surprised by the size of the store. We were thinking organic grocer, a few aisles here and there… The store has a parking garage, just for it. The groupies that hang out in the front atria, sipping tea and eating sprout salads, to give it that “We’re really huge and corporate, but still a little hippie” feel.

Inside, they have the aisles of the healthy organic food and 3,021 different types of beans, rice, nuts, and trail mixes available for purchase by the pound. (Ahem, they were out of wild rice, the sole reason we went there… Argh! Apparently every one else found out that was the only place in Colorado to get wild rice.)

The interesting part of the store is the specialty counters. Most grocers have the meats department – this place had the full out fish market, butcher’s shop, bakery with fresh breads and pastries, and several smaller stand were you can buy food to eat in the store or get prepared food to take home to cook. And the store is new, so it looks really nice – but them hippies know how to do a little bit of presentation.

With all the healthy food looking quite appetizing, I can see how people can become addicted to the “good-for-food” craze. I was really tempted to go ask where the Lays potato chips and freshly deep fried French fries were. Does this mean I will never shop for the The Kroger again? Absolutely not. (Because really, any grocery store without Lays potato chips is a little suspect in my book.)