Last Night, We Worked A Different Set Of Muscles

French horn: CheckTrumpet: Check Embouchure: Might need a little work (embouchure refers to the muscles used to play the instrument – you learn something every day.)

Rhiannon and I went to play in a community band last night. The last time I played trumpet with any regularity was in Chicago. The last time I was in Chicago was in 2000.

6 years ago.

For Rhiannon, take one year off of that for the French horn. The lips, they do not hold up over that long of a break. If you’ve never played a brass instrument, imagine your muscles when you are lifting something very heavy for a long time – the burning feeling you get, now put that into your lips. Such is the life of the out-of-shape musician.

The band itself was good – the music is comparable to the type we played in high school. And as age goes, we are definitely in the minority. Apparently it isn’t cool for younger 20-somethings to go to community band, but it seems like a pretty good group of people.

I thought about something witty or funny to say, but the fact is both Rhiannon and felt that we needed a little bit of an outlet to do something outside of our normal daily routines, and I think we found it. (Not to say that nothing will ever be funny about a community band, but last night was just enjoyable.)

And the pain in the lips by the end of the night? There was nothing funny about that. That… just hurt.