Proof That Someone Besides Me Reads This Site

Rhiannon has a thing for salad dressing – one type of salad dressing. And since she has recently been eating salads for lunch quite often, having her particular type of dressing has become increasingly important as of late. The only problem is the grocery stores around here don’t sell her type of Kraft Ranch dressing that she likes. (I never knew that there were that many different types of ranch dressing. I guess I always thought that ranch was, well, ranch. I though wrong.)

While we may not be able to get her type of dressing in any store around Denver, the grocer in North Dakota in a town of about 2800 people has plenty. And Rhiannon’s mother is nice enough to preserve the peace and tranquility of our home by sending us bottle of dressing from time to time. (Thank you, you make my life much easier.)

Rhiannon’s mother apparently also reads this site from time to time (at least she read this), because along with the last bulk shipment of dressing, she sent:


I looked up a little bit about these – they’re non-shredding flossing implements that can be used with one hand and aid in reaching the back teeth. Recommended for kids and the elderly… (and in my case, paw-handed.) Thank you!! They come in very handy for the big handed among us.

Now, if only I had a big screen TV to watch while I flossed my teeth… (Is she still reading?)