Sometimes The Computers, They Do Not Like Me

In case anyone actually tried visiting the site sometime between early Friday morning and yesterday afternoon, you might have noticed as far as the Internet was concerned – this site did not exist. It was like our site told the Internet that it thought Taco Bell was completely appropriate for Valentine’s Day and the internet broke up with our site. (If you didn’t visit the website and see its nonexistence, then… visit more often. And don’t worry about it, everything is ok now, thanks for caring.)

I walked into the office on Friday morning and was greeted by the infamous “Blue Screen of Death”. And it said a driver or device was stuck in an infinite loop and microsoft hates you because you badmouthed Windows Service Pack 2 when it came out. So I restarted and let it be, and that Mother Mary doesn’t know what she’s talking about because letting it be didn’t help anything. Several more screens of death later, I figured out it wasn’t the driver. It was a video card gone bad.

And after losing a hard drive full of data last spring around college finals time and having the same hard drive (you’d think I’d learn) try and hijack the computer last fall, I didn’t think it was all that important to fix right away. I gave it day to sit and think about what it had done.

Sunday morning, I turned the computer back on and ol’ Blue Screen looked back at me again and said, “Go directly to Blue Screen, Do Not Run Through Bios, Do Not Start in Safe Mode,” and I thought that was a good indicator I needed to go get a new video card.

So I did. I opened the box to start installing it, and then - I decided to read the instructions.

I will paraphrase: “Warning!!! Do NOT attempt to replace your defective video card with this beautiful working model without first uninstalling your old drivers. Doing so will simultaneously void the remaining warranty on any electronic device in your house and rip all the ‘Do Not Remove’ tags off the pillows, mattresses and couches within a 50 foot radius.” Considering I couldn’t actually start my computer, I could tell that this was not going to be a pleasant encounter.

Two hours, several restarts, and uncounted threats of physical damage later, the computer relented and agreed to run peacefully for the time being. And thus, our website exists again.

I had some really witty and interesting to write about on Friday too.

I didn’t write it down and now I forgot – I apologize to anyone looking for anything good here and finding a bunch of talk about computers instead. It had better not happen again.