The Kroger No More

Through no fault of Rhiannon’s (other than the fact she works hard at her job), the bulk of the cooking duties in the household have fallen to me. This is usually a good thing and I like to think I do well enough for a young male. Along with cooking, it also leaves me to do the we-need-this-runs to the grocery store. The nearby store is King Soopers – like all chain grocers, they have their own generic in-house brand. It’s called Kroger (Crow-Grrrr). If that doesn’t sound like the some of the best food around, I don’t know what does. (I’m joking, but it helps to refer to it as “The Kroger.” The Kroger likes it when you do that.)

Rhiannon and I both agree it’s worth shopping around a little to find some deals on food, or to stock up when things are on sale. So last week, when shopping for tomato paste (paste of tomatoes? That’s not natural.), I found myself in a bit of a dilemma. First, I didn’t know what size can I needed, and secondly, The Kroger’s brand was deeply discounted. The Kroger 12 oz. cans were less than Hunt’s 6 oz. cans.

I came home with two big cans of The Kroger.

I was wrong on both counts.

Small cans, no more of The Kroger – Rhiannon has made this abundantly clear.

It’s tomato paste – it isn’t a natural product to begin with. I’m not trying to pass off rehydrated fruits as fresh, or the imitation crabmeat as the real thing here. What exactly is tomato paste anyway? Slightly thicker soup? I don’t know – lesson learned. Sorry The Kroger, looks like this is the end of the line.