The Weather, If You Don’t Like It, Wait Longer Than Anticipated

If there is such a thing as the “dog days” of winter, we’re in it. Here are the recent daily high temperatures for Denver: 58 54 44 44 49 51 56 55 49

Now, really, I shouldn’t be complaining. We could live other places that are colder (North Dakota), or live in places with similar climates but without the benefit of nearby ski resorts (Nebraska), but it’s getting a little monotonous.

In past years, we’ve had Januarys with days in the 60s and then two days later a high of 25 and snow. It added a little spice to life. It gave me a reason to think that the weather forecasters deserved their paycheck – even if they weren’t right, people still watched to see what they would say.

This year, I could guess between 40s and 50s with a little wind and slight chance of precipitation and I would be right around 90% of the time. (You can make my paycheck out to “Cash”.)

So, what am I complaining about? I already said it could be worse. (It can always be worse.) The roads are good and it isn’t bitterly cold, but… I want some variety. Ever since Rhiannon’s newest closest-living-relative moved to town from Texas and we got two days of snow, outside of being windy or not, our weather has been pretty much the same.

Give me some excitement. Give me a reason to wake up in the morning and look out the window. Give me the outside chance that school will be called off for snow and I can complain to Rhiannon about how unfair life is that she gets a day off and I don’t. Besides, she always has better stories about how much she hates the other drivers on the road when the conditions are bad.

Thank you for listening – venting over.

(And when some of the above weather happens, sorry. I’ll complain about the cold and snow right along with everyone else too.)