Further Proof That I Am A Cooker, Not A Baker

I made banana bread last night, and one would think really – how hard can banana bread be? Sugar, butter, eggs, mushy bananas — And if mushy bananas can be used as baby food, I hope any future children of mine like them. I know how much those small jars of food cost. Give me any half cooked or naturally soft fruit/vegetable/imitation meat product, a potato masher, and about 2 minutes of elbow grease and I have a perfectly good supply of small person food. Well, leave out the grease – I hear it’s not good for the wee one’s digestive system. —

and a few other ingredients, mix, bake, and began to eat. Then drink cold water to prevent burning your tongue, because, hello, cool the bread first.

Anyway, much like my first pecan pie incident, this didn’t turn out quite like I wanted. It wasn’t nearly as bad – the top wasn’t black and completely unsalvageable. Just a little crusty, which, if you consider it is bread, isn’t all bad. The inside is strangely much whiter than any loaf my mom ever made – considering it was her recipe, I find this strange. It still tastes ok, just a little hard to cut and eat in one complete piece without the hardened crunchy shell breaking off.

Did I bake it too long? We have been raising our baking temperatures by 15-25 degrees to account for the altitude change. I honestly have no idea why – we just do it and it seems to keep us from have to go nearly twice as long on our cook times. Does the oven just note who puts the pan in it? Maybe I should stick to the mixing and prep and Rhiannon should be in charge of placing the object in the oven.

Are ovens dumb enough to fall for this? Good thing we don’t have one of those fancy self-cleaning ovens. Any appliance smart enough to clean itself would see right through that plan.