True Confessions Of A Supposed Football Junkie

In case no one noticed, the AFC football games last weekend were really good. Except for the refs. On Saturday night, it was a foregone conclusion in our household that we would be watching the Broncos game. This was fine – we slept in a little on Saturday, did some grocery shopping and made some chili. (Chili is the ultimate football food. The only thing better than chili is chili and fry bread.)

Saturday night winds down and Rhiannon and I discuss what we want to do on Sunday. I say I’m open to suggestions. (In the back of my mind I’m blocking out around 7 hours to watch football. Thus, my concentration is not quite where it should have been.)

Rhiannon: “I think we should thoroughly clean the entire apartment. Floors, carpet, counters, dusting, chasing away the gnomes who have taken up residence in the closet.”

My response: “That sounds like a great idea, honey.”

This would be the example where turning the mouth on the auto yes-dear setting might have backfired. I think I was probably too busy trying to remember if we had enough chili for another day of football.

Of course, we slept in until the first game was almost starting. There went doing anything before hand. But it is really amazing how dirty a kitchen can get after a while. Especially when the kitchen is in view of the television and other places, like bathrooms are not.

I don’t think the kitchen ever saw it coming. If it needed cleaning, I did it. If it didn’t need cleaning, I did it anyway. I sat and made sure the dishwasher kept running. I turned the oven on just to make sure it still worked. I think I started to wear the finish off of the faucet on the kitchen sink. And did you know that laundry can be folded in the living room? There are ways my friend. And Rhiannon was kind enough to let me get away with all of them.

And in the end, we didn’t get all the cleaning done. And in the end, even Rhiannon took a break to watch the end of the Indy-Pittsburg game, because, really, that’s drama. And was anyone else thinking that the next “tuck rule” play was coming on the overturned interception? Ben Roethlisberger was the only one between the Colts and next 3 out of 4 Superbowls.

Next week: Roethlisberger vs. Plummer, may the best beard win.