24 Years Ago Today Was The Beginning Of Me

The birthday years of 22-24 are really somewhat wasted. You can already drink, but they don’t give you any more of discount on your car insurance. A brief recap:

1: You don’t know what a birthday is, but everyone is happy and they think it’s cute when you smear cake on yourself. 2-4: You slowly learn what is going on, and you get to play with the boxes your presents came in. 5-9: Maybe you get a special meal at school, presents, and a great excuse for your parents to have to make party favor bags for your little munchkin friends at your birthday party. 10: This is the big-time. Two-digits old. No more of that little kid stuff. 11-12: Somewhat like 22-24, these years are more fillers than anything. 13: Welcome to being a teenager and all that comes with it. 14: In North Dakota – get your permit and start driving (looking back, I am terrified that I had a license as a freshman in high school.) 15-17: Every year is another rung up the high school ladder. 18: Freedom, independence. You can do whatever you want. And when your parents say they’re kicking you out, they can really mean it. 19: Are you out of the house yet? 20: Two decades of life, at this point you think the next year will be the last one that really matters. 21: Legal Alcohol. 22-24: Old enough to be done with college and in the real world and still be screwed on your insurance rates.

I’m 24 today. And outside of the fact it happens to be Friday the 13th and full moon on the same day, everything seems to be going pretty well.