And Now For Something Completely Different

Why do men’s and women’s shirts have the buttons on opposite sides? Sometimes I grab clothes in the dark, but I really hope I would realize I’m trying to put on Rhiannon’s shirt long before I ever got around to buttoning it. Is it some sort of secret designer code – “If we make this shirt look like it’s for a women, but put the buttons on the other side, then it will be perfect for male models to wear.” I think Rhiannon and I may have stumbled on the answer the other morning. I was brushing my teeth and trying to button my shirt at the same time. (And if you really stop and think about this, it’s stupid, because the time wasted on both efforts took longer than if I had finished brushing my teeth and then buttoned my shirt.) As Rhiannon walked by, she stopped and finished buttoning for it me – and my shirt reversed to her seemed like the right way. So there you have it – men’s and women’s shirts are opposites so they seem natural if the opposite sex helps each other out.

Moral of the story: Men don’t ask men to button shirts for each other because they’d think they were all wearing women’s clothing. And hanging around in bars. Especially if they are lumberjacks.