Are You Doing Your Part?

The markets were down today - the fed raised interest rates this week (hopefully for the last time for a little while.) As conscientious Americans, we all must do our part to help the economy, i.e. go shopping. I saw an interesting article on how retail stores hope for a find balance of cold and snow during the holiday season. If the weather is just chilly enough, people want to buy things like gloves and jackets and boots and are put into the shopping mood. However, if the weather is too cold, icy, and just generally nasty, people will stay home. They also have a tendency to shop online. Retailers hate this. Well, not online retailers. Maybe the online retailers sit in front of their computers and do ice storm dances and voodoo rituals. (Whoever was doing one down in the southeast, it’s working.)

The major problem with shopping online is you get what you want, and that’s it. There isn’t a “Hey, that looks kind of neat, I’ll take twenty,” reaction to anything. Case in point, Rhiannon and I went looking for a new candle to make our place smell nice last night - we could’ve come home with ornaments, a new tree, several new outfits, two cars, a new library, three houses and a candle to make the place smell nice.

We settled for two houses, half a library and one new car. No sense in gluttony now, is there? We did splurge on two different candles. We’re doing our part. Are you?