Just Stay Dead Already

We had a colder front move through last night, and as further evidence of how old I am becoming, my knee has been aching today. This might be due to the fact I had knee surgery a few years back more than the fact I’m getting old, but that’s really not the point I’m getting at. I had my ACL replaced, which involved cutting down the front of the knee to take part of the patella tendon as a graft. One of the things that doesn’t really make sense is that a whole big bundle of nerves runs across the front of the knee. Why they run there, I don’t know, but it turns out surgeons don’t really care if you have feeling on the side of your leg after all is said and done. And I didn’t.

And really, I didn’t miss it. I just had a dead spot on my knee and one side of my leg where there was no feeling. Except now, the nerves are slowly regrowing, they aren’t making the right connections. Now when I rub the front of my knee where they made the cuts, I can feel it on the back of my leg. And it tickles like none other.

And Rhiannon knows it.