Happy Anniversary?

Rhiannon and I celebrated our 6-month wedding anniversary last weekend. Well, maybe celebrated isn’t the right word. We babysat for the Baby-That-Doesn’t-Trust-Me on our 6-month anniversary last weekend. Babysitting = Birth-Control

At the end of the night, we both agreed – that was fun, but we are not ready for children yet. Although BTDTM was wonderful and cute and adorable and all the things that children are, we have a question. How does anyone accomplish anything with a child in the house? Rhiannon took some papers to grade. Don’t even think about it until after bedtime. Maybe we gave her too much attention, but this was in part due to the fact we were desperately trying to conceal the fact her parents were not in the house. And it worked. No tears for the night. We hardly have time to do the things we want. I don’t think we are ready to give up our time to a child. Not yet.

It probably doesn’t help that I am not to be trusted, so Rhiannon must be present for all interactions. BTDTM and I did have another small breakthrough. She thought it was great fun to go upstairs and run around, as long as the running around period lasted for under two minutes. And then she wanted to go back downstairs. She goes up very well, down – not so well. After five or six trips upstairs, Rhiannon looked at me and informed that it was my turn to go after her as she headed around the corner to the stairs.

Up to this point, we had a good evening together. We read a short portion of a book. We took pieces out of a puzzle and put them back in. Okay, BTDTM took the pieces out of a puzzle and gave them to me to put back in. However you look at it, we were legitimately playing together. As long as Rhiannon was in the same room, it was fine.

As I headed up the stairs, all I could think was this could only end badly. As usual, the 30 seconds of fun upstairs came to an end and BTDTM stopped at the top of stairs, waiting for someone (Rhiannon) to take her hand and help her down the stairs. I was that someone this time. And apparently, babies can immediately tell if the hand grasping theirs is not who they expected. I took hold of her hand and she immediately looked up at me and then down the stairs. I think she was considering making a break for it on her own.

And she looked back up at me, scrunched her face, and raised her shoulders. I braced for the inevitable onset of tears, wailing, and much gnashing of teeth. Instead, she let out a big sigh. I think it was a “I’m going down the stairs one way or the other and if you are my only option between walking and falling, then so be it.” So we went down the stairs together. And it was good. And we got to the bottom and she looked at me and thought, “That was fun, now let go of my hand this instant.”

She’s going to confuse some boy in the future with the trusting and not trusting swinging back and forth so quickly. Maybe she’ll even talk to me by then. I’m not holding my breath.