The Computer Gods Chuckled

And said seriously, start backing up your data. This past Friday night I had a bit of a scare on the computing front. I was working on uploading a file to an FTP site when the computer locked up. Completely froze – no CTRL+ALT+DEL was going to cure this. Fine – I did the dreaded cold restart. Computer off. Wait 20 seconds. Computer on, exit room and get a drink of water. When I came back in, everything seemed fine. I opened the ftp client and resumed my file transfer.

10 seconds into the transfer – complete computer lock up again. Another cold restart. My stomach does kind of a half turn and inquires if this is a situation that will require its services of getting worked up. I said check back in a few.

We repeated this dance several times, each time the start up procedure would become shorter and shorter. The stomach was going full steam. Rhiannon was sleeping blissfully unaware of the entire situation on the couch. And I flashed back to last spring when I lost my hard drive. 3 days before finals in my last semester of college.

I turned off the computer one final time, shut down myself, and went to bed. I awoke in the morning to a new beginning. It snowed over night, everything outside looked shiny and new, and surely the previous night was all just a bad misunderstanding.

No. The computer, it still did not like me. As bad as the night before was for thinking about losing everything on my computer (read: the majority of my life), the harsh light of day was no better. I left the computer to sit and think about what it had done and retired back to bed. When Rhiannon woke up, I told her the situation. And told her that if it happened, we would lose all of our pictures, website, music, videos, and programs. No big deal really. Who needed those picture from the honeymoon anyway, right dear?

I was informed in no uncertain terms that I was to go remedy whatever offense I committed to warrant the computer being mean to us or both the computer and I would soon find ourselves with a new residence, one involving more snow on the floor and a lack of a roof above us.

So I went back to the computer to beg forgiveness – and it obliged, just when I had my assortment of sacrificial microchips and old floppy disks all ready, too. There it was, running happily away, computer those background ones and zeros and doing whatever it is that computers do when they aren’t being used. I wiggled the mouse and the cursor moved on the screen. No recoil, no lock-up. And I didn’t touch the computer anymore. I went straight to Rhiannon’s computer and began the great Data Dump of ’05. Everything went on to her hard drive via our home network. And when I went to get a few files from the old hard drive – nothing. It wasn’t there.

I approached my computer. Check the C drive (my main drive is F), nothing. The drive is unformatted. Would I like to format? This is the same drive that crashed last spring. This is the same drive that is headed for a new snowy home with a distinct lack of roofing overhead. My good hard drive and I don’t need to associate with its kind anymore. Not when I have a wife who won’t hesitate to kick us out as well should we mess up again.

All praise be to the computer gods. I’m working on that whole backup thing too. Sacraficial microchips anyone?