And Then He Tucked Me In And Wished Me Sweet Dreams

My dad decided to get in on the action of trying to prove me wrong along with the scrabble dictionary of yesterday’s post. From a chat online we had today: Father: As Tigger would say, TTFN, or TA TA for now. And you debated if there was such a word… LOL. Son: Then why is it Ta Ta and not just Ta For Now? Father: Never argue or debate with a Tigger!

Wonderful, my father is schooling me in vocabulary using a fictional cartoon character who lives in a forest. I don’t think Ta Ta should be considered proof that ta is a word. No one says ta by itself to mean farewell. Not like bye-bye is just as effective as bye.

And we’re two grown adults arguing over what Tigger says as proof of the existence of a word. Or am I suddenly five again?

Son: Dad? Father: Yes, son? Son: Just because Tigger says TTFN doesn’t make “ta” a word. Father: When you say things that, it kills another tigger somewhere. That’s why Tigger can never find anyone else like him. Son: Oh no! I’m so sorry. Please tell him I’m sorry. Father: It’s ok, son. It’s ok. Just remember, never argue with a Tigger! Son: I won’t dad. I promise. Father: Ok. Now you get some sleep and I’ll see you in the morning. Then we’ll discuss if walking with an umbrella saying “Tut tut, looks like rain,” ever has any chance of fooling those bees.

Come to think of it, maybe being 5 wasn’t so bad after all.