Dictionaries: Defining Baby-Talk Since At Least Last Weekend

I had a post today almost finished and I figured I better do my homework just to make sure I was right. I wasn’t. Here’s the post.————————————————

Rhiannon and I played scrabble last weekend and she won even though she took two turns with no points to swap letters. Now, I did play nice a couple times and asked if I was taking her spot with my word and if I was, I did something different. This did not happen often and I could always think of something else to do.

I play nice to a limit. I don’t accept non-words. We don’t have a scrabble dictionary, so we used our big red Webster’s and police ourselves on foreign languages and proper nouns. I figure it’s a big book of words – if it ain’t in there, it ain’t gonna count. So when Rhiannon came up with the word “ta” I called her on it. Not in the dictionary. So what does the word ta mean according to her?

ta – (n.?) representative of a quarter note when learning rhythms in elementary music class ex: two quarter notes and two eighth notes are “ta ta ti ti” said with correct rhythm

Now, no offense to whoever was teaching that elementary music class (Hi Mom!), but that seems a little arbitrary to have a scrabble game hang in the balance. There are plenty of other sounds that could represent the quarter note. The fact I’m nice doesn’t change the fact I want to win, and when large amounts of points are involved, I have to put my foot down.

Until Rhiannon gave me one of those big puppy-dog-I’ll-make-your-life-miserable-in-a-way-only-a-wife-can-eyed looks. And I folded. Utterly and completely. I helped her put the tiles down, added up her points for her, gave her a foot massage and whipped her up a nice mint julep to go with the snacks I had just finished preparing. I think I gave her bonus points for having such a great memory.

I think we just need to get a scrabble dictionary and let be the end all for those discussions. ———————————————————

So at this point I thought I should go to the online scrabble dictionary and check just to confirm ta was indeed not a word.

Stupid scrabble dictionary.

ta tas \ n pl. -S an expression of gratitude

I didn’t know the makers of scrabble were into baby-talk being considered real language. Last I checked, the word is thanks.

I think in the future, we’re just going to go with only words that you use in conversation. With some of the gibberish that comes out of my mouth, I don’t even think I’ll need vowels.