Right words, Wrong order

The other day we had a young man come to our door selling the Sunday paper – much like the people who go door to door trying to sell magazines that the news recently warned people about. Apparently a few of these magazine sales teams are a little heavy into the drugs, sex, and murder?!? And here I thought little Susie really was trying to win herself a trip to Europe before college. Anyway, the young man selling newspapers – Rhiannon answered the door so I don’t really have first hand knowledge, but the conversation went something like this:

“Hi, I’m… selling the Sunday paper to raise money…. Would you be interested?” “No, we actually get the paper. Every day.” [Zoom out to observe papers piled four feet deep by front door, still in their plastic bag. I knew we were keeping those for a reason.] “So I guess you won’t be buying a subscription?” “Nope, thanks.”

Guy turns to leave. Pause. Turns back.

“Do you have a boyfriend?” “I have a husband.” “Oh. You’re pretty.”


Thanks for the compliment, now stop eyeing my wife. If I wasn’t so busy eating my nachos at the time, I might have even done something about it. Just a tip, start with the compliment in the beginning – not after the rejection. I think it might work better.