If you really wanted me to clean the bathroom, just say so

Along with the dominance issues, we have another game. It’s called “We will try and tickle/molest each other at the most inopportune times”. It’s a really fun game – you should try it sometime. Example: The peaceful gazelle approaches the watering hole. On a sweltering day, a water source like this is a gathering place for all manner of creatures. Unfortunately for the gazelle, predators are also attracted by the animal buffet coming to drink. The lion creeps forward, out of site and upwind. In a flurry of action, the gazelle sees the lion dashing toward her and reacts to flee.

Unfortunately, the gazelle’s brain fails to tell her mouth to stop spitting toothpaste into the sink and proceeds to spit toothpaste out on wall. The lion shakes head and slowly walks away.