These things have amazing range

I am once again a bachelor – at least until tomorrow night – since Rhiannon is up in North Dakota attending a volleyball game and generally doing slacker like things (read not going to work). I wish I was doing slacker like things, but someone had to water the plant. Besides, she puts in around three weeks worth of work every week, and still manages to remain relatively calm and insanely cute while doing so, so it’s hard to begrudge her a few days of rest and relaxation. At 5:47 this morning I walked out to the living room to flip on the news while I was brushing my teeth. After 4 straight days of sleeping in, my body let me know in no uncertain terms that this time of day was not acceptable to be standing, much less conscious. (But oh, the wonders of having a queen size bed to myself after spending 4 days sharing a full.) I’ll just say I wasn’t at my peak this morning, so the greatest thing is to hear a car alarm go off at 5:48 this morning. Our apartment doesn’t face the parking lot, so this is a rather rare occurrence for me. 10 seconds, still going, and I’m beginning to think that whoever can’t figure off which button to push is both an idiot and an asshole for being up and stupid this early in the morning.

Another 10 seconds and seriously, what in hell is their problem? Do I need to come down there and show them how to work their own car and I look down and realize I’m standing on my keys. And that sounds suspiciously like our car in the carport which would explain why I can hear it so well. I pick up the keys and hit the panic button and the world was at peace once again. Yeah, I was the idiot and the asshole this morning. I said I wasn’t at the top of my game. I had no idea the fob would trigger the car outside the apartment. I guess I’ll have to be a little more careful about hitting the buttons when I play with the keys. At least the car locks itself back up after 30 seconds, and I don’t think I’ve ever opened the trunk from the apartment yet.

Sorry to anyone else that was up at 5:48 this morning and as equally pissed as I was. Don’t worry; I gave myself a stern talking to as soon as I finished waking up. I knew there was a reason I felt like I should’ve stayed in bed.