We got Brooklynn a scooter as a late birthday present from us. It's taken a little bit of learning, but she's getting better at it. She's almost to the point that she will glide a little in between pushes, which is an improvement from constantly dragging her foot on the ground when she first started.

She's also learned that it's much easier to go downhill and walk back up, especially when she gets someone else to push the scooter uphill for her.

And she always wears a helmet. And she usually wears shoes[1. I didn't have mine on this particular evening and so she refused to keep hers on either.].

working in the future

Part of me thinks that companies should not be spending on money on somewhat useless stuff that looks like this and part of me really likes it. Now we just need those doors that "whoosh" open and closed.

This is just the backup exit button.

she thinks this is hiding

She thinks this is hiding. Rhiannon and I like to consider ourselves intelligent people. Is that sort of thing supposed to pass on through genetics?

Programming Note: For anyone waiting for a month 25 letter, it ain't coming. Monthly letters have been retired. Hopefully now I won't feel any pressure to hold stuff back to save for the letter and can post little tidbits like this one more often.

start rolling

There are a few boys in our neighborhood who ride scooters around in the evenings. Some of them just ride around the sidewalks around their houses and we see some of them coasting down the bigger hills and walking back up, just to do it again. At first, I thought it was kind of weird that they would ride down and walk up, over and over, but then I remembered sledding. And skiing. Say no more. Brooklynn watches anything an older kid does with great interest. When she sees these kids out riding, she gets pretty excited. She holds her hands out in front of her, lifts one leg up and down, and yells one word over and over. I thought that word was "Stroller", meaning "I want to get in my stroller and have you push me over to where those boys are riding their scooters", but I was at a loss to explain her actions. The only think I could think of was that she was kickstarting a moped, but that didn't make any since since she's never seen anyone ride a moped[1. That I know of. Maybe Rhiannon doesn't tell me everything they do in the summer days].

Rhiannon figured out that she was really saying scooter and that her actions were pantomiming holding the handles of a scooter and pushing with one foot. And that's actually exactly what it looks like [1. In my defense, even though her actions really do fit riding a scooter, they could just as easily be a dead ringer for starting a moped. Just saying...]. It seems that somewhere, she learned what a scooter was and wants one of her very own.

I think we're might be going shopping this weekend. What happened to our little girl?

tiny playground

Tiny Playground from Chris&Rhiannon on Vimeo.

There is a small playground on the way to the grocery store that Brooklynn likes to stop at when we go for walks.

Two rocking animals and two swings - typically, we have to use all four of them before we can continue on. (Except for the day when she was content to sit and throw wood chips down the hill.)

This was shot, edited and uploaded completely from my cell phone with a free application from Vimeo. Yes, the future is now.

Now if we could just get decent cell phone reception at our house in a major metro area so Rhiannon wouldn't have to talk to her sisters on the cell phone only when we go for walks.

just a matter of timing

Looking at the calendar, I find that we have ourselves a 21 month old, just three months shy of 2. (Yes, time to write a monthly letter again.) With advancing age comes advancing independence and the desire to do grown-up things. Like becoming interesting in the intended uses of the toilet. Rhiannon has been asking Brooklynn if she needs to sit on the potty before her bath in the evenings and sometimes we get yes as an answer. We've also been emptying the filled diapers into the toilet and letter her flush, teaching her that this is where the "yuck" goes. Yuck also goes in the garbage, so if you ever visit our house to find Brooklynn squatting on a trash can, you'll know that our clever plan has gone horribly wrong.

It seems that at least one morning each week when I get Brooklynn up, her diaper is still dry. We haven't paid much attention to how this corresponds to waking time or to how much water she drank in the bath the night before, but it does indicate that she is starting to gain some sort of bladder control.

This morning was one of those mornings. So, I asked her if she needed to sit on the potty. Yep, she did. I grabber her out of the crib, grabbed the diaper and clothes I had intended to put on her, and headed over to the bathroom. She sat and smiled at me and we waited. And waited. I asked her if she was done. No. Waited. Are you done? Yes, she was. She hopped off, closed the lid, and flushed. Right idea, just not the desired first step. Still, she's trying and we're not forcing anything on her yet.

And, as she stood by the toilet before I put her diaper on, she peed on the floor.

growing (or not)

Yes, posting has been light around here as of late. Blame it on unusually busy work lives, the fact that Brooklynn was home sick for three days with flu-like symptoms (she's better now), or that we're trying to get up early and start working out in the mornings again which means getting to bed at a decent time of night. Whatever excuse works for you, it basically comes down to the fact that I've been a little bit lazy when it comes to keeping up with everything on the site. So, to assure everyone that we're still alive and kicking, here's Brooklynn last weekend when she decided that she would use her baby's stroller as a seat for herself.

We were suprised that the stroller didn't bend a little bit more until we weighed her and found that she hasn't really gained any weight since before Thanksgiving. Not to be concerned - she's still in the top quarter for size when put on the standard percentile charts. She's just a little more normal than she was.

Maybe normal is too strong a word, but you get the idea.

head first?

Ever since Brooklynn got a small slide that sits in our house for Christmas, she's been much more inclined to explore other slides at various parks she goes to. Like, say this one, at the park near daycare. (Thanks to Jamie for the picture.)

I do hope that she managed to sit down and go feet first before sliding down. I've seen her dismounts on the slide at home - it's a last drop of about 3 inches and she still ends up plopping on her butt more often than not.

This is for all of our family who lives to the north of us that wish they could stay consistently above freezing this time of year. And yes, I do realize that by posting this, I'm just asking to get about three feet of snow in March, which is traditionally the snowiest month of the year. To make up for it, maybe I won't post the picture I took yesterday of Rhiannon's tulips starting to peek through the mulch on the front of the house.

new year, new everything

We come back from Christmas vacation with what seems like all new stuff for Brooklynn as we head in to the new year. In the past month, she's received new toys, new clothes, new pillows, a new diaper size, and a new towel. Flower Head

Tonight, she demanded to get out of the bath as soon as she saw me bring in the towel just so she could put it on right away. I'd say her pillow is probably her favorite new thing so far, but the towel is running a close second.

Put it back on


Rhiannon spends a little under 50 minutes in the car each day with Brooklynn. We hope it's at least under an hour unless traffic is bad. Now that Brooklynn is getting a little older, she kind of talks, babbles, and typically takes her socks off. From today, a conversation between Brooklynn and Rhiannon on the drive home:


Brooklynn, can you say Mommy? Mommy?

Ma-ma. Ma-ma. Ma-ma.

Good. Can you say dog?

Doh. Doh!

Doh-g. Dooooggg. With a G.

Doh! Doh!

Ok, we'll keep working on that one. Can you say "Love you"?

*mmmmmmaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!* - This is the sound that Brooklynn makes as she blows kisses.


Sometimes I forget how much she understands versus how much she can communicate.

can you find her?

I bought these pajamas for Brooklynn when I was out shopping by myself one day. Rhiannon thinks I'm trying to make her look like a boy. My response was "Brooklynn? Where is Brooklynn, because I don't see her." Find the Baby

Sometimes Rhiannon and I disagree about what's funny.

these are the people voting for our leaders

From a small conversation I overheard while waiting for and riding on an elevator: Now all we have to is get these documents over for a few John Hand Cocks and they'll be ready to go.

What did you say they needed? (I wanted to add, yep, I heard it too, but I didn't.)

[separating each word] They need some John... Hand... Cocks. It means signatures.

Yeah, I know what it means, but it's John Hancock.

It's what?

John Hancock. One word, no "D".

Are you sure, because I've been saying it for years my way and no one has ever mentioned anything about me being wrong.

Yeah, I'm positive. It comes from a guy's name. [At this point, I still have faith in the common person.]

I always thought it was from when they used to write with feathers.

Nope, it was the guy who signed the Emancipation Proclamation. His signature on that is famous.

Oh, I guess that makes more sense.